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Train of Afterlife
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At certain intervals, these characters will disappear from their seat. Below is the list of choices you need to get in order to witness their disappearance.


  • Second Hour: "I sense relief as Mary uttered those words."
  • Fourth Hour: "They are the essence of what we have left."
  • Fifth Hour: "Talk to Little Mary."
  • Sixth Hour: "Talk to Little Mary."


  • Second Hour: "Is that really the right answer?"
  • Fourth Hour: "Talk to Diyu."
  • Seventh Hour: "Nurture." (Requirement: Darwin's disappearance)
  • Ninth Hour: "Talk to Diyu."


  • Third Hour: "Okay."
  • Fourth Hour: "Talk to Darwin."
  • Sixth Hour: "Normality doesn’t exist." (Requirement: Little Mary's disappearance)
  • Seventh Hour: "Talk to Darwin."


  • Third Hour: "Okay, I’m ready."
  • Sixth Hour: "Not really…"
  • Seventh Hour: "Talk to Bluebird."
  • Tenth Hour: "Talk to Bluebird."

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