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Free Games
Dance Dance Evolution
Dance Dance Evolution Information Download Dance Dance Evolution Play Dance Dance Evolution Online
Title: Dance Dance Evolution
Spec: Flash, 2.5 MB, 700525
Genre: Music, Parody
Rating: Everyone
Release: 9 November 2009
Phantom Seeds
Phantom Seeds Information Download Phantom Seeds Play Phantom Seeds Online Play Phantom Seeds - Spanish Version Online Play Phantom Seeds - German Version Online
Title: Phantom Seeds
Spec: Flash, 7.22 MB, 700525
Genre: Drama, Supernatural
Rating: Teens 13+
Release: 10 October 2010
Voices from the Sea
Voices from the Sea Information Download Voices from the Sea Play Voices from the Sea Online Purchase Voices from the Sea CD
Title: Voices from the Sea
Spec: Flash, 21.6 MB, 1000750
Genre: Slice of Life, Supernatural
Rating: Everyone
Release: 16 September 2014
Commercial Games
OASE - Other Age Second Encounter
OASE Homepage Download OASE Demo Play OASE Demo Online Purchase OASE CD
Title: OASE - Other Age Second Encounter
Spec: Flash, 372 MB, 800600
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy
Rating: Everyone
Release: 16 September 2010
Otome-X Homepage Download X-note Demo Play X-note Demo Online Purchase X-note CD
Title: X-note
Spec: Flash, 133 MB, 800600
Genre: Mystery, Romance, Supernatural
Rating: Teen 13+
Release: 8 March 2011
Train of Afterlife
Train of Afterlife Homepage Download Train of Afterlife Demo Play Train of Afterlife Demo Online Purchase Train of Afterlife CD Train of Afterlife German Version
Title: Train of Afterlife
Spec: Flash, 88.7 MB, 800600
Genre: Mystery, Psychological, Horror
Rating: Teens 13+
Release: 13 January 2012
Otome-X Homepage Download Area-X Demo Play Area-X Demo Online Purchase Area-X CD
Title: Area-X
Spec: Flash, 407 MB, 800600
Genre: Mystery, Romance, Science Fiction
Rating: Teen 13+
Release: 16 June 2013
Dragon Essence
Play Dragon Essence Demo Online
Title: Dragon Essence
Spec: Flash, ??? MB, 1000750
Genre: Romance, Drama, Fantasy
Rating: Teen 13+
Release: TBA
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